What is the Nest Adoption Challenge?

IWS offers nest adoption packages (see here) that include the option to name an eagle chick or an invitation to spend a day with an IWS biologist on Catalina Island, a nest photo, and an adoption certificate. We realize not everyone can afford or want to adopt a nest on their own. Therefore, during each breeding season eagle supporters pool their resources to adopt nests and for every $1000 raised we will draw names from those who have contributed to receive the nest adoption benefits. For instance, if you contributed $25 to the Challenge, you could be drawn to receive the Catalina visit or eagle chick naming rights. We expect to have at least 20 eagle chicks to name this year. During the Challenge, which runs through May 15, 2021 we will automatically apply any contribution to IWS (eg. t-shirts, sweatshirts, eagle adoptions, memberships, ...) towards the Challenge. All donors will be contacted in May to get their nest photo and benefit preferences and we hope to have the eaglets named before they fledge. Everyone that contributes will receive a nest photo from the nest of their choice (electronic or hardcopy).

Visit our website or click the donation button below to contribute.