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Banding a San Clemente sage sparrow chick

Predator Control Biologist

IWS is seeking highly motivated applicants for one full-time biological technician as part of a program to assist in the recovery of the endangered Mariana Crow, or Aga (Corvus kubaryi), on Rota Island in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). This position will begin on or around December 1, 2014 with no predetermined end date. The actual start date is dependent upon project needs and will be agreed upon when a candidate is selected. 

The project focuses on the monitoring and removal of introduced predators of the Aga near nesting sites on Rota, CNMI. A variety of hunting, trapping, and surveillance techniques are employed to accomplish project goals. Additional work may include placement of nest cameras on Aga nests, collaring and tracking of introduced predators, and collection of samples from removed predators for analyses. 

Technician duties include, but are not limited to:
1) Trail camera deployment and servicing; 2) hunting at night via spotlight or FLIR; 3) setting and maintaining traps including cage, leg-hold, conibear, and dog-proof; 4) necropsy of euthanized predators; 5) data entry in MS Access and Excel; 6) public relations and outreach; 7) other tasks as assigned. 

This position will require some weekend and night work. We must often be self-sufficient in our operations and tasks outside of biological work may be required. A vehicle will be available for project-related activities. Housing is not provided but rentals are available on island. 

The biological technician will generally work 40 hours per week, with overtime paid as accrued. Compensation is based on an hourly rate of $15.53 or approximately $2,700 per month. The successful applicant will have their airfare paid to Rota via coach fare on regularly scheduled airlines.

Qualifications: B.S. degree or higher in Wildlife Management or a related field is required. Applicants should be physically fit, self-motivated, organized, be comfortable working alone or with a partner, have a willingness to learn new skills and techniques, and have the ability to accurately collect data with an attention to detail. Applicants should have previous experience hunting with firearms, trapping, data entry, and the operation of 4x4 trucks. The ability to adapt to a variable work schedule is very important. 

Rota is a tropical island with year round temperatures in the 80s, moderate to high humidity, and annual rainfall averaging 80 inches. The resident island population is small (~2400) and the two villages on island offer few amenities found in large cities. Applicants should be open-minded and respectful toward other cultures and ethnicities. 

This position may sometimes require a flexible schedule, working both during the night and day. Employment is conditional upon insurability with IWS, and applicants will need to have a passport to travel to Rota. Applicants should either be citizens of the United States or be covered under a TN NAFTA work visa. A passport is required to travel to Rota. Additional information regarding IWS research is available on this website. 

Application Procedure: Submit a single PDF containing a cover letter, your current resume, and contact information for 3-5 references. Phone inquiries are not accepted, so please email with any questions. Submit documents and inquiries to: Douglas Page at