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Pronghorn Antelope Technician (posted 2/13/2014)

Job Description: The Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) is seeking highly motivated applicants for one full-time Biological Technician to work on a study to assess survival and resource selection of adult and neonatal pronghorn in northeastern California.  The technician will work closely with research staff, including a graduate student, IWS staff, and state biologists.  Primary position duties will include telemetry-monitoring, assessing mortalities, observing behavior, and assisting with capture of adult and neonatal pronghorn.  Additional responsibilities will include obtaining private land access, conducting surveys of vegetation, feces, and predator density, and other duties as assigned.  The technician will be required to maintain a database of collected data.  Technician will be hired for 8 months (1 April through November 2014), with the possibility of extending employment for a full year or longer, depending on available funding.

Location: near Alturas, California

Compensation: $15.50 per hour. With expected overtime, monthly wages will be approximately $3000/month.

Qualifications: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in wildlife science or related field.  Strong interest in pursuing a career in wildlife ecology and management.  Technician should be highly motivated with the ability to work independently, but also as a member of a team under direct guidance from research staff.  The study will encompass a large geographical area and will require extensive driving and experience with 4 x 4 vehicles.  Also, the area is relatively remote and the technician should be able to effectively manage adverse situations.  Technician should be comfortable performing fieldwork in inclement weather and variable hot and cold temperatures.  Technician should be able to lift up to 40 lbs. and traverse rough terrain for extended distances by foot.  Applicants with experience using radio-telemetry and large mammal handling are preferred.  Employment is conditional upon insurability with IWS, and applicants will be asked to provide information to verify their driving records. Applicants must be citizens of the United States or be covered under a TN NAFTA work visa. Additional information regarding IWS research is available on this website.

The technician will generally work 40 hours per week, but weekend and evening work may sometimes be required, with the possibility of occasional overtime.  A vehicle will be available for project-related activities.  The technician will be responsible for food and housing, though state-owned housing may become available at a reduced cost.

Application: Submit a single document containing a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information, including email addresses for at least 3 references to the contact below.  Applications will be considered as they are received.

Start Date: 1 April 2014

Application Deadline: 28 February

Contact Person: Jared Duquette

Application E-mail: