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Anicka using telemetry to track birds

Raptor Biologists Needed (Posted November 5, 2018)

Raptor Biologists (1-2) are needed to assist in the monitoring of bald eagles and peregrine falcons on the California Channel Islands from 12 February through 11 June 2019. Work will be conducted on the northern California Channels Islands off the coast of Southern California.

Duties:  Job duties will include searching for and monitoring nesting bald eagles and peregrine falcons, collecting behavioral and prey delivery data on nesting birds, monitoring non-nesting birds, and assisting in banding efforts. Access around the island will be by 4-wheel-drive vehicle, ATV, inflatable boat, and on foot. Employees will work an 8-day on, 6-day off schedule due to transportation schedules to the islands.

Experience:  B.S. in Wildlife Biology or related field required. Previous experience with raptors, especially bald eagles or peregrine falcons, 4WD trucks, ATVs, and boats preferred. Must be able to safely operate 4WD vehicles (full-size trucks and ATVs) over steep, rocky, and muddy roads. Must be able to work independently.  Biologists will need to maintain a professional attitude at all times while working with Institute, Park Service, The Nature Conservancy, and Navy personnel, as well as visitors to the islands.

Compensation: $15.14/hr (40 hrs regular, 24 hours at 1.5x base pay per shift). Housing will be provided while on the islands in Navy, Park Service, or Institute housing, but not on days off. Transportation to and from the islands is provided via boat, plane, or helicopter.

Application Procedures: Attach a cover letter discussing your qualifications for this position, current resume with dates worked and duties performed (needed for evaluation purposes), and names and phone numbers of at least 3 references (preferably with e‑mail addresses) in an e‑mail to Dr. Peter Sharpe:    

Or mail application materials to:                                                     

Dr. Peter Sharpe
P.O. Box 2500
Avalon, CA  90704

Closing Date: 30 November 2018.