Amon Armstrong, Technical Assistant

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IWS - Arcata Office

P. O. Box 1104
Arcata CA 95518
(707) 822-4258
Fax: (707) 822-6300

Amon holding a tree swallow

San Clemente Island fox duo


M.S. Candidate - Humboldt State University - Biology

B.S. - Humboldt State University - Wildlife Conservation and Management

Career Interests:

Exploring the great outdoors has been a lifelong passion of mine. In my adulthood, this inevitably led to a desire to understand the plants, animals and natural processes that I witnessed around me. While living in cities, I always sought the more natural areas. I also learned that most of these areas and their inhabitants were threatened by the actions of people. I decided that field biology was a great way to work outdoors while doing something to help our neighboring species. With my enthusiasm and a new pair of binoculars, I started working for PRBO Conservation Science on a songbird nest monitoring project in the oak woodlands of Sonoma. I loved working with birds and continued with a season of banding in Point Reyes, then another season of nest monitoring.  Through this experience, I decided to go back to school to study wildlife. I came to Humboldt to finish my B.S. and worked in nature education for the Wright Wildlife Refuge. Upon graduating, I worked for a summer assisting a Masters student on a barred owl/spotted owl interaction study. Next, I worked in the wildlife department at Green Diamond Resource Company focusing on spotted owl demography, but also capturing wood rats, black bears and pacific fishers.

I was hired here at IWS in the spring of 2011 to provide technical support to staff at our headquarters. My work focuses on editing and publishing reports, GIS mapping and analysis, designing this website, maintaining permit and project deliverables, and wrangling computers and other technologies. I enjoy my job and appreciate working for such a well intentioned and well respected organization.

In the future I hope to get more involved in developing and managing IWS projects.

Cholla Cactus

Black-headed Grosbeak

Anna's Hummingbird nest eggs

Allen's Hummingbird leucistic