Catherin A. Schwemm, Ecologist

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Institute for Wildlife Studies
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Ph.D. - University of California, Santa Barbara

Research/Career Interests:       

I currently work with the National Park Service to coordinate Natural Resource Condition Assessments (NRCAs) in National Park areas in several western and southwestern states. Condition assessments evaluate priority natural resource issues in parks to determine resource condition, identify information gaps, and provide management recommendations.

Prior to coming to IWS I worked for the National Park Service in Flagstaff, AZ on NRCAs, and at Channel Islands National Park where I focused on vertebrate population monitoring and GIS. I have taught conservation biology and environmental science at UCSB and CSU-Channel Islands.

Reports and Publications:

Coonan, T.J., C.A. Schwemm and D.K. Garcelon. Decline and Recovery of the Island Fox: A Case Study for Population Recovery. 2010. Cambridge University Press. 212 pages.

Coonan. T.J. and C.A. Schwemm. 2009. Factors contributing to success of island fox reintroductions on San Miguel and Santa Rosa islands, California. In: Damiani, C.C., and D.K. Garcelon, eds.  Proceedings of the Seventh California Islands Symposium, Oxnard, California, February 5-8, 2008. Institute for Wildlife Studies, Arcata, California.

Schwemm, C.A. 2008. Establishment Limitations and Population Recovery of Giant Coreopsis (Coreopsis gigantea) on the California Channel Islands. PhD Dissertation, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Garcelon, D.K. and C.A. Schwemm, editors. 2005. Proceedings of the Sixth California Islands Symposium, Ventura, California, December 1-3, 2003. National Park Service Technical Publication CHIS-05-01, Institute for Wildlife Studies, Arcata, California. 520 pp.