IWS President Wins Recovery Champion Award

Award engravingIWS President David Garcelon was one of eight Recovery Champions, recognized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for exceptional efforts to conserve and protect three island fox subspecies on the northern Channel Islands. Other award winners were: Lotus Vermeer, Christina Boser, Eamon O’Byrne, and Scott Morrison of The Nature Conservancy, and Tim Coonan, Kate Faulkner, and Russell Galipeau of Channel Islands National Park.

“Each of these individuals, and the organizations they represent, set a vision to bring these island fox subspecies back from the brink of extinction, and because of that steadfast vision, island foxes on San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands are now proposed for delisting, marking the fastest recovery of any mammal under ESA protections.” - Steve Henry, field supervisor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ventura (USFWS news release).

"With David’s resolute leadership, his contributions to island fox biology and restoration efforts on the Channel Islands spans from island fox monitoring, involvement with removal efforts of nonnative species, and the reintroduction of bald eagles. Additionally, with his team of biologists and veterinarians from the Institute for Wildlife Studies, they not only guided captive breeding efforts for island foxes – an effort never before undertaken - but also monitored remaining wild fox populations throughout the captive breeding effort and remains involved today (USFWS Feature Story).

Matt with dummy eggsNMFWA AwardIWS President David Garcelon and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Field Supervisor Steve Henry. Photo by Ashley Spratt/USFWS