Dr. Peter Sharpe Wins Eagle Rare Life Award

NMFWA AwardIWS Research Ecologist, Dr. Peter Sharpe, was presented with an Eagle Rare Life Award 2012 for his dedication to providing bald eagles a platform from which to return to their historic habitats on the California Channel Islands. Dr. Sharpe won in the Devotion category of the annual Rare Life Award, which also honors individuals for Courage, Leadership, Survival, Character and Heroism. He has donated his prize money to IWS.

Since joining IWS in 1997, Dr. Sharpe has been instrumental in creating successful scientific methods to reintroduce bald eagles and support their reproductive efforts on the Channel Islands. By providing live nest cameras, he has also created a strong group of public supporters. With their help he received nearly 30,000 votes toward this award.

Congratulations, Dr. Sharpe, and thank you for your continued devotion.

Visit the Eagle Rare website to read Dr. Sharpe's "Rare Life Story" and VOTE AGAIN for next year.