Jessica Abbott, Research Ecologist












P. O. Box 1104
Arcata CA 95518
(707) 822-4258



Western Snowy Plover chicks


Ph.D. – University of California, Davis, 2015

B.S. – North Carolina State University, 2008

Research/Career Interests:

My research interests generally focus on exploring the factors that influence the performance and functioning of populations, communities, and ecosystems. I am particularly interested in addressing questions that can have applied management and conservation implications. For example, I have led projects exploring how species and genetic diversity can benefit seagrass populations, the communities they support, and the ecosystem functions they provide. This information can be applied to developing effective seagrass restoration strategies. My current research focuses on evaluating the impacts of climate change on a variety of different sensitive species to try to predict which species, or types of species, might need more conservation efforts in the future. You can read more about this project here. More information about my research and experience can be found on my website: