The Story of Waynuk
Wayn as Visionary

Waynuk (2010-2019) was an island fox (Urocyon littoralis). He was named for Waynuk canyon, San Clemente Island, where he was captured on July 19th, 2010 during an annual trapping effort to monitor changes in the fox population. He was estimated to be 4 months old and weighed only 760 grams (27 ounces; about 1/2 expected weight). Wayn had suffered puncture wounds to his abdomen and showed signs of starvation. IWS biologists thought that he had been abandoned by his parents and attacked by an adult fox. After capture, Wayn was treated at our "Foxpital"; a veterinary facility on the island. He ended up requiring surgery for two abdominal hernias (small tears in the muscle wall) as well as injuries to his genitalia. Due to the extensive recovery time and his youth during these events, it was the opinion of the veterinarian involved, as well as wildlife biologists from IWS and the Navy, that Wayn would likely not survive if released back into the wild. We believe that because he was not able to learn vital life skills from his parents, he would have a difficult time establishing a territory and finding enough food to survive.

Holding Wayn After his short, but tumultuous history in the wild, Wayn occupied his own outdoor enclosure at the Navy’s Natural Resource Complex at San Clemente Island. He served as an ambassador, providing an opportunity for groups and individuals to come by to see him and learn more about island fox biology through the IWS interpreters. After being equipped with a small dog harness and retractable leash, Wayn could be taken for walks in the general area around the Complex. He enjoyed a diet of wet and dry cat food, live mice, crickets, fish, hardboiled eggs in the shell, and various fruits and vegetables.

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Wayn on bed